The Shed

About a year and a half ago, in September-ish 2020, the housing market in the area I live in went crazy. We’re talking houses with multiple offers 20% over asking price within 24 hours of being listed crazy. Unfortunately for my family, we are not prophets, and we sold our house about a month prior to this boom; thereby missing out on the insane profit that houses were suddenly fetching, as well as facing a weird situation where we couldn’t afford to buy a house equal to the one we had just sold because of the unexpected market shift. To call the whole experience frustrating would be a gross understatement. I’ll admit, our list of what we wanted in a new home was pretty specific: we did not want a new build (BTDT), we did not want an HOA (also BTDT), we wanted at least 1/2 acre of land, and it had to be in our current school district. We were looking to downsize from our previous house, but with my husband now working from home (thanks, Covid) and me exploring starting a business of my own, it had to have enough space to accommodate offices for both of us. Finally, after 8 months of renting and 10 failed offers, we ended up in a cute little farmhouse on 1/2 acre with enough projects to keep us busy for the next decade.

After 8 months of waiting, we finally moved into this little yellow collection of projects (but those trees!)

The house checked all the boxes, if barely. It’s definitely not a new build (it’s “newly updated” which is code for “don’t look too closely”), there is no HOA (this neighborhood would give an HOA board a nervous twitch), it’s on 1/2 acre, and it’s in our school district. It’s smaller than our old house and it has a separate office space for my husband. The only thing missing is a designated office space for me. Fortunately, there is a guest bedroom, and we only host guests a few times a year, so I set up my desk in the corner, and it works just fine as long as neither of my kids are home as the guest room shares walls with their bedrooms, and being the passionate gamers they are, it can get loud and somewhat distracting. It usually is an acceptable space though, and has served me well enough for the last 9 months.

I’m coming to a place that “well enough” isn’t really good enough anymore, though. My business plans need a space that isn’t confined to a corner of a bedroom where spirited shouts of a computer game from the wall behind me don’t rival those of the wall beside me. I want a place that is mine; a space that is quiet and calm and invites creativity. Luckily, among my 1/2 acre of projects there is… a shed.

So nice of them to paint it yellow to match the house

Words to currently describe this building are: small, dark, mildewy, wasp-filled (mostly dead – we’re working on it), and ugly.

I’m choosing to look past all that though, and see the potential for what it could be which is cozy, bright, inviting, and MINE. The more I’ve thought about it, the more excited I’ve gotten. This could not only be my perfect office space at the end, it could really be a great experience in the journey. I’ve told my family of my plans, and instructed them that this is something I want to do on my own terms; meaning I may need help, but make me ask for it (I struggle with that). And when I do ask, I don’t want someone to jump in and do it for me – guide me. If this is going to be my project, I want to have ownership in it. If it turns out amazing (in my head it already is), I want to allow myself to feel the pride that comes with it. If it turns out to be a flop, I want to learn the lesson in the failure and pull myself up and try again.

I’ll be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram under #operationmonyascastle and periodically, I’ll post about the process here. If you can’t tell, I’m crazy excited about this. People in my real life are going to be sick of me talking about it in a month, and I don’t even care. I have my tools, gloves, and safety glasses ready – demolition starts Saturday!

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