Like memoirs?

My friend, Ticcoa Leister wrote an amazing memoir that I have read a total of 3 times now. It is her story of the journey out of the despair that came when those in a position to build her up and empower her on her path instead told her that her dream was not for her. She took that disappointment and began a new journey that put her in a community that has done what her past community refused to do – encourage and empower her to be who she was meant to be.

Not only was I given the opportunity to read an advanced copy as part of her launch team, but I had the honor of being a beta reader of the manuscript as well. If all that wasn’t enough, today I got my AUTOGRAPHED copy of this gem in the mail!

Y’all it really is such a great story – relatable, inspirational, and beautifully written.
Order it here: Unbound: A Story of Freedom and Sisterhood